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Absolutely love the Free Bird Company!!! They have tons of cool tie-dyed stuff and
a whole lot of cool jewelry. They have something for everyone.
Tracey C.
Firebaugh, Ca.
I went into Free Bird the other day and i really liked all of the new things and the set
up. The cashier was really nice and i really like the environment. I had actually
bought my prom dress from free bird and everyone really like it.
Chica G.
Fresno, Ca.
Free Bird Company is the best store in Tower. There is so much 2 choose from but
the jewelery is the best =) Your wife Linda is so awsome. I love her personality. Its
very welcoming =) My sis & mom also love your store. Thanxs for bringing your
store to Fresno.
Nadine G.
Orlando, Fl.
Unique hand made trinkets at fair prices, like you won't find anywhere else. Super
friendly owners with compassion for their work BD!
Antonio L.
Fresno, Ca.
I love Free Bird because it is a local business with totally cool stuff (I want
everything lol) that is active in and supportive of the Tower neighborhood - I also
love how interactive you guys are with your FB friends - too cool :)
Rita B.
Fresno, Ca.
I walked into this store yesterday and was very impressed with the products and
Raymond J. Jr
Absolutely LOVE your shop! My mom, sister and I went in last week and it was
difficult to not purchase EVERYTHING in sight! Best shop in the Tower!!
Audrey F.
Fresno, Ca.
My 14 yr. old says Free Bird is way better than Hot Topics!!
Jennifer M.
Fresno, Ca.
I go in free bird company and they are so awesome there, really just so nice they
have really cool things :))
Erica C.
Fresno, Ca.